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Choose Happiness

I recently started following New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein on her social media channels because I love her daily, upbeat words of wisdom and because her perspective on life really resonates with me.

Not only has Gabby appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, she is a regular on the Today Show. Her super Zen  (yet practical) advice is quickly making her an icon.

In one of her recent video blogs she talks about how to choose to be happy. I loved this because many people don’t realize that happiness is a choice. They feel as though happiness is just an emotion that comes and goes based on circumstances outside of one’s self.

The truth is, and thankfully so, this is not how true happiness works.

True happiness does not come from having the perfect job or relationship or from money or from fame. As cliché as it sounds, true happiness can only come from within. I’m grateful for the life lessons that taught me this.

Once you accept that happiness is a choice, you can choose happiness when certain aspects of life aren’t exactly how you’d like them to be. Even during the darkest times, it is possible to choose moments of happiness.  I hope that knowing this brings you peace.

Gabby’s video below provides more detail. I hope you’ll take time to preview it and I hope you’ll consider following Gabby for daily tidbits of inspiration. Her advice really is exceptional.

Here are a few of her social media channels I follow: Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,
With love always… Namaste / Sat Nam.

2 Responses to “Choose Happiness”

  1. Sandy g

    Happiness does come from within. However, it is difficult at times to convince oneself of that fact. External factors may change how we feel temporarily; however, true happiness must be found from within.

    • sugarcookiesandlipgloss

      Yes. This isn’t learned overnight. It starts with the awareness that it is true, then you have to accept that you can integrate it into your lifestyle and then you have to commit to doing it. It takes practice.

      The easiest way to get started is to be present in the moment. Little moments of joy are missed all the time because instead of being present in the moment, our minds are worrying about the future or thinking about the past. Or, we are multi-tasking ….I am very guilty of trying to multi-task….sending work emails when I should be giving my family full attention.

      It’s easier to stay present in the moment when you are practicing yoga and meditation regularly because these activities quiet the mind. When useless thoughts are popping up, it’s easy to get distracted and to start thinking about something from the past or to start worrying about something from in the future.

      Here is a great article that offers more info:



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