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Bold & Bohemian

I tend to gravitate towards a muted color pallet of French grey, beige and shades of taupe. But lately, I’m finding myself drawn to big bold patterns and highly saturated colors especially hot pink, emerald green and turquoise.  But just like life, one’s personal style evolves over time.

For most people, a whole home decorated in such energetic colors would not feel restful and for me this is certainly true. But a guest room, powder room or home office is likely the perfect place to explore with big, bold color and pattern choices.

Because I love the look of traditional pieces mixed with modern, especially modern art pieces, I’m finding the rooms below to be very inspiring. This look is definitely bold, and I guess, a bit bohemian.

Hope the rooms below inspire you as they have me! And, if you are looking for home decor pieces to create a big, bold color look, you’ll want to try Anthropolgie and Layla Grayce.


Bold color

As seen on the style blog Mix & Chic. I love the art above the sofa in the room above.  I also love the mix of formal and modern pieces.


The room above, as seen on Domaine Home, was designed by S.R. Gambrel and it is amazing! While pops of bold color are used, the room still feels very relaxing.  Directly below are a few other inspiring rooms from Domaine Home.


The gorgeous room above was originally featured on Domaine Home.  Love the rug!


The artsy room above was originally featured on Domaine Home.  That wall makes a major statement, but I love it and paint isn’t forever!


 The bathroom above was originally featured on  Domaine Home.  The wallpaper isn’t a big commitment, but it makes a big style statement.



As seen on the style blog Zsa Zsa Bellagio. I’ve had my eye on this bohemian bedroom (above) for over a year now. Would a grown woman want a pink bedroom? I kinda do, especially if it looked like this, but I’m not sure I will ever do it. I would for sure recreate this look in a guest room. And I think this room would be perfect for a teenage girl because it’s both pink and sophisticated. Plus, it feels cozy.

lepoard carpet stairs

The stairs (shown above) were originally featured on the home décor blog A Home Full of Color. I’ve been wanting to share this photo on the blog for quite a while, but haven’t had the perfect occasion until now. These steps are fabulous! I’m not entirely sure I could commit to them on the main staircase unless the circumstances were just right. Still, this carpeting would be perfect on the stairs leading to a finished basement or on a secondary staircase (which are common in older homes).

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