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Fall Beauty Trends

Ready for deep berry nail polish, pumpkin scented candles and big warm sweaters? I know I am. Fall officially starts Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited. Out with the old and in with the newness of the fall season!

Here’s a peek at some of fall’s top beauty trends as predicted by Allure along with some insider information on one of these trends. Enjoy the magic of the autumn season!

 Black Cherry Lipstick

I love the deep berry lipstick shown here. But according to Allure, dark berry shades bordering on black will be hugely popular this season. Depending on your skin tone, Dior Addict in ‘Black Tie’ may be the perfect deep dark shade.


Brown Smoky Eyes

brown smoky shadow

As a big fan of heavy eye makeup, I like this smoky brown look. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the perfect color choice for blonds with blue eyes – as worn by the model above. If you have darker hair or a darker skin tone, opt for a deeper chocolate shade.

Apres-ski Cheek


Healthy rosy cheeks are en vogue this fall, so don’t be afraid of blush. According to Allure, you should stick to cream blushes because they are easier to build up and diffuse.

Big Brows


Big, well groomed brows are back again for 2014. That means you must stay away from the tweezers and invest in a good brow pen. Opt to fill in the brows generously and tweeze only stray brows in between your professional brow-shaping services.  If you have over tweezed, try applying almond oil over the brow area to quickly regenerate brows you’ve lost or have tweezed away (many people swear by it).

Click here to see a great video on how to fill in brows from one of my favorite makeup bloggers, Maskcara!

Dramatic Lashes


Gorgeous lashes never go out of style, but for fall and winter 2014 the lash look is going to be a bit more artistic. Get dramatic, doll-like lashes with thickening mascaras such as ‘Opulash’ from MAC or bypass the need for mascara altogether and opt for eyelash extensions from a credible salon.

Insider Tip on Eyelash Extensions: I previously worked within the eyelash extension industry on the marketing side of the business. I can tell you that it is essential to be careful where you opt to have you lash extensions applied in order to protect your lash health as well as to prevent eye injury and infections. Good eyelash extension are not inexpensive.

If you are on a budget, you are better off purchasing a very good mascara over a discounted lash application service.  The company I worked for was Xtreme Lashes and I highly recommend a lash application with any one of their technicians. They are highly trained on proper application and safety.  They have certified stylists across the country working independently from their own salons.  Check out the salon locator here.

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